Tethered Drone Flights
Safey - Security - Power.

Unlimited Flight times - Demanding Environments

Tethered Drone Flights

A divison of BISON UNITED


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Melbourne Vic 300


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Unlimited Power

Designed for demanding environments

World class tethered drone system

All pilots are insured for public liability and approved by CASA (ReOC) to operate Australia wide.

Benefits of the drone tether system

Improve efficiency of infrastructure monitoring, law enforcement and crisis management. Unlimited autonomy, security and fast data transfer. Persistent aerial surveillance and traffic monitoring. Demanding industrial inspections

Minimise obvious dangers and health risk
Collection of in-depth and higer detail data
Quick deployment
Flexibility to suit a majority of inspections
Easily shareable data and flexible licensing
Australia wide coverage including remote locations

Features of the drone tether system

Dramatically increase flight safety and reduce technical errors. Greater control due to reduced spacial area. Longer flight times utilising the ground powered source compare to free flying battery operation. More explicit pictures as tether system stabilises drone movement enabling capturing clear photos and videos

Secure live stream technoligy.


Bison United is a full service commercial media studio specialising in timelapse construction photography and video editing, on site video interviews, aerial footage and specialised tethered drone operations, animation and original music production.

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